• Max: 7 Guests
  • luggage
  • Wifi
  • Water

Blackest supports airport pickup co-sensing for 5 hours and 10 hours and short- and long-distance operations in Seoul. All operations and all vehicles will be assigned with the driver and will be sent to the person in charge or to the customer with a reservation list with vehicle information + driver information. If the reservation type is timed out, additional charges may apply.



When you make a reservation, you can request a driver who can speak a foreign language or a Wi-Fi baby seat name board.  Foreign language drivers and Wi-Fi do not incur additional charges upon request. Also, if you want to travel, you can request a professional tour guide, and if you have any other special requests, please contact Blackest.



Vehicles and drivers can be dispatched to corporate organizations or institutions for a long time, and vehicle support can be provided professionally for large and small events. For more information, please contact the Blackest Customer Center.


Customer Service

All reservations can be made by wire, and if you contact the customer service center, we recommend a suitable budget and vehicle, so please contact the customer service center.



  • Free waiting
  • Language
  • Free Wifi
  • Safe
  • None Smoking
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heater
  • Name board
  • Bottle Water

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