President / Prime Minister level Visits Korea and Specialized Arab Clients


All services, whether foreign guests or small-scale private trips, will be sent in vehicles and drivers to ensure your safety and comfort.


Works with all embassies in the country to actively support vehicles and drivers. The goal is to train car management and embassy-specific drivers in line with the exact schedule and requirements for perfect operation. You can reserve the desired car at the embassy, and you can continue to drive the car regardless of its length or short term. If you need a sudden vehicle, you can only get to the vehicle where possible by calling the distribution hotline number.

If there is an event at the embassy in Korea, you can transfer the car first. We will select a driver that matches the level and have a complete schedule for transportation. We will prepare and report all operation records at the end of the event.




Middle Eastern VIP

We also have a lot of experience in Blackest visits to VIPs in the Middle East guests, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. The Middle East VIPs will accept each vehicle or journey, and even the seat position position position of the vehicle, accompanied by the vehicle and driver.

Many royal families in  the Middle East enjoy private tours. From the airport to hotel accommodation and travel schedules, we offer a safe and high-level tour with expert guides such as shopping and other areas.In addition, in hotel parking lots or waiting areas, professional coordinators and carts are always on standby to minimize the amount of time a customer waits for a vehicle



President & Prime Minister 

President, Prime Minister, or Minister-General of each country’s visit to Korea also has a lot of experience.He was personally responsible for the vehicle and security and made a private tour of the DMZ and JSA. 

Despite the volatile schedule, we have a special road show coordinator team in Korea that understands the customized requirements of our customers while providing a complete schedule through real-time communication between the location of the vehicle and the driver. Our proprietary systems often monitor complex journeys, travel times, cross-references between flight and landing time and meeting schedules to ensure a smooth schedule and strive to respond quickly and efficiently to all schedules.



Blackest by Mars Inc.

Blackest is a brand that specializes in road shows, inbound tours, exhibitions, and events.

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