Private Tour

Vehicle with Chauffeur and expert tour guide.


Blackest specializes in creating and delivering the best custom driver tours for customers, offering tour-certified personal guide tours for discerning travelers.
Luxurious sedans, vans, buses and professional drivers will entertain customers and take great pride in their more special services, while at the same time accompanying them on their journey to historic Blackest's ground transportation team, not only in Seoul, but also in the provinces, will ensure that customers truly remember their time in Korea.


Blackest has extensive travel experience and long knowledge of small areas, leading to a complete and luxurious tour with customer drivers, qualified language guides and concierge planners. Most customers and representatives have been satisfied with Blackest tour service.


From the time our customers first contact with Blackest, we spend a lot of time understanding their needs and trying to plan a complete driver-centric tour. We think your enjoyment, safety and comfort are the most important parts. All of Blackest's field staff take great pride in their hospitality and service throughout the country.
If a client has never been to Korea before, we are offering tour packages and schedules for customers. The tour includes historic attractions, beautiful scenery and a famous restaurant.


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