Customize for Business Clients


Blackest, Chauffeur service partner for the business, has a unique coordinator team in Korea that understands the custom requirements of its customers. Our in-house proprietary systems often cross-reference complex travel, time monitoring, and flight numbers and meeting schedules to ensure a smooth schedule and respond quickly and efficiently to all challenges.



Blackest, whose workplace is subject to a special set of control checks, is guaranteed of quality, and whose offices are located in Korea, strategically strives to provide all kinds of projects and professional protocol services anywhere in the country.



Luxury vehicles are available with luxury sedans and minibuses. All vehicles are state-of-the-art, have high trim levels and arrive ready with free Wi-Fi and bottled water. Professional-trained drivers have a lot of experience driving safely and quickly, both of which have excellent geography of Seoul and the provinces and have knowledge of foreign languages and skills required to operate. Because everyone has a confidentiality agreement with Blackest, secret events are held safely.

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