Special Business Services for Clients

Professional Chauffeur and Vehicles


We are proud to offer you luxury sedans and luxury vans at the Blackest.
All vehicles are less than two years old and have a wide range of services available. Vehicles are provided with Wi-Fi and bottled water.

Optimized Service For a Business Person or Travel!

The Blackest offers vehicles and services for hundreds of passengers for airport pickup*seeding, sightseeing, parties and corporate events.
Regardless of the weather, it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offers the best personal and business services.

Long Experience and Expertise

The Chauffeur of Blackest is the most important part of our business. We spend more time hiring the best drivers. This is because our customers deserve and expect excellence. These drivers are the best in their field because they are experienced and sophisticated in driving technology.

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Seoul City Tour

Blackest creates and delivers a great personalized private tour for customers, and offers a personal guide tour of Korea for discerning travelers. You will take great pride in the fact that luxury sedans and vans, as well as professional drivers and professional tour guides, can entertain and enlighten you, while at the same time accompanying you on your tour of historic attractions. From tours around Seoul to DMZ Nami Island and provincial tours, Blackest will ensure you truly remember your time in Korea.



Massive Event Supported

Blackest will be responsible for all major events, embassy, president or prime minister-level visits. We'll ensure the best service and high quality with our own from experiences.


We never miss our customers' goals.
We guarantee the quality of our limousine service to meet your needs.

Variety of vehicles

The Blackkest serves sedans, vans and buses, but has detailed models underneath them. A number of vehicle models are serviced due to the various vehicle configurations.

Trusted Services

Blackest conducted a customer satisfaction survey of 91 participants out of 1,500 service customers last year, showing high satisfaction.

prompt response

Provide distribution information to customers or representatives who apply for the service. At the customer’s request, the flight name is checked in real time and the name board is greeted. The vehicle also features basic wifi, bottled water, and more comfortable journeys.

Fluent Chauffeur in most languages

When requested, the chauffeur for the language can be deployed to communicate between customer and chauffeur.


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