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We will do our best to become a company that can impress customers with the best service.

A Little About Us

Blackest, a driver-inclusive vehicle service partner for the business, has a team of professional coordinators to accurately and quickly meet your customized needs. Our proprietary systems cross-referenced travel time monitoring, flight numbers and meeting schedules to ensure a smooth schedule and respond accurately and quickly to all challenges.


Our Top Missions

Blackest, which has several offices in Korea, strives to provide all kinds of projects and professional and safe protocol services anywhere in the country. With the increasing number of international conferences and exhibitions held in Korea, we will do our best to strengthen Korea’s national status and create a moving Korea with the Prestigious VIP Limousine Service, which meets the needs of consumers.


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We have luxury vehicles with luxury sedans and minibuses. All vehicles are the latest model, have a high trim level, and have a wide range of luxury vehicles. All vehicles are the latest models, with free Wi-Fi and bottled water. A professionally trained driver will take you to your destination safely and quickly. In addition, even if a secret event is held, a confidentiality contract can be concluded, and we promise that it will proceed safely.

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