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President / Prime Minister level Visits Korea and Specialized Arab Clients


We cooperate with all embassies in Korea to actively support vehicles and drivers. Our goal is to complete the operation by professionally training drivers who always leave the embassy and vehicle management according to the exact schedule and requirements.  You can reserve the car you want at the embassy, and you can steadily dispatch the car regardless of the long-term or short-term. If you need a sudden vehicle, please contact the dispatch hotline number and you can dispatch it only to the available vehicle.

When there is an event at the embassy in Korea, it is possible to dispatch cars first, and we will select a driver that fits the level and complete the transportation schedule, and make and report all driving records at the end of the event.


Distinguished guests in the Middle East

We have a lot of experience in Blackest even when visiting VIPs in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. The type of vehicle or travel method that VIPs in the Middle East want, even the position of the vehicle seat, is accepted one by one and proceeded with the vehicle and driver.

Many royals in the Middle East enjoy private tours. From the airport to the hotel accommodation and itinerary, we provide safe and high-level tours with expert guides such as the desired area and shopping.In addition, professional coordinators and dispatch teams are always on standby in the hotel parking lot or waiting area to minimize the time for customers to wait for their vehicles.

president / Prime Minister

The President, Prime Minister

With the utmost comfort and safety for travel, drivers check your flight time as they greet you at Incheon International Airport. The driver will be waiting for the customer with a nameboard, and we will help you carry your luggage on request. It will be stored in a safe place at Incheon International Airport. Our drivers are professional and have all the licenses required by the law.

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