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Can I meet the driver at the airport?

Please pick up your luggage at Incheon Airport or Gimpo Airport and come out to the exit after passing customs to find the driver holding the name board. The driver will send you an SMS just before the flight landing if you have provided your mobile phone number. If you cannot find the driver for any reason, please contact 02-2088-6003 and wait for a while at the airport. Do not leave the airport terminal and go outside before you find the driver.

If the flight arrival time is earlier or later than expected, will the driver come and wait?

Yes, most of the time of flight landing is not accurate. Also, even if you land late or early every few hours, we check your flight in real time, so unless your flight is canceled, our Blackest driver waits for you at the airport on time.

What should I do if my flight is delayed too much time?

If the flight time is delayed or canceled, please contact our Blackest Customer Center (02-2088-6003) or email ( Please.

Is the Incheon Airport toll and parking fee free?

For simple airport pickup or sensing, both tolls and parking fees are free, and most of them do not incur additional charges.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation online directly from Blackest, and if you are unable to make a reservation online, please contact our customer service center and we will proceed kindly.

Can I get the details of the operation after the operation is over?

Most of them are different from the schedule you booked and the actual operation details, so we are sending you the details of the operation separately when requested.

Is it possible to use a driver who can speak a foreign language?

If you have a language you want when you make a reservation, we will arrange the driver and vehicle accordingly.

Can I request other convenience items when I make a reservation?

If you have an infant or have any requests such as Wi-Fi at the time of reservation, please let us know and we will arrange the bus according to your request.

How do I proceed with the payment?

If you are an entrepreneur, you can receive 30% of the reservation amount if you send your business registration card, and you can pay with an account transfer or credit card. If you are a regular customer, we will proceed with a 100% deposit.

Is there a speed limit on the car?

Blackest complies with the Korea Road Traffic Act. It does not violate maximum speed on highways or regular roads, and Blackkist-trained drivers arrive at your destination faster and safer with long experience.

Do you ensure confidentiality of customer or client conversations?

What we always emphasize to our drivers is that we always train and emphasize that we keep your important meetings private during the operation.

Can I talk to the driver?

Our driver is always polite and careful for you. I don’t talk to you first except for words related to the operation. If you want to talk or ask questions first, our driver will kindly answer.

Does the driver use a mobile phone while driving?

According to the Korea Road Traffic Act, mobile phones are not used while driving. However, when using the navigation system, the vehicle stops at a safe place and runs again after setting the purpose.

Does the driver carry our luggage?

Regardless of the size of your luggage, by default, our driver will carry your luggage to your vehicle when you receive your customers.

What does the driver wear to drive?

At Blackest, we basically drive cars in neat suits. However, if you request, you can change your outfit to casual or semi-suits.


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