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Car, driver and expert guide tour.To provide the best service for the customer only, Blackest provides individual tours with a professional driver and tour-certified guide. Luxury sedans and vans, buses and professional drivers will accompany you on your journey to historical attractions with more special services. Blackest’s tour team, from Seoul as well as the provinces to the places customers want, will ensure that they can truly remember their time in Korea.


Professional Team

From large areas to small areas, we offer a complete and luxurious tour with a wide range of experiences. You will receive a very satisfying service with a language guide and concierge planner with professional drivers and certificates.



Our customers’ enjoyment, comfort and safety are the most important and we are working hard to do so. Always try to understand and reflect customer requirements to plan a complete driver-driven tour. We also offer tour packages for customers who visit Korea for the first time. The tour consists of a schedule recommended by the nation’s top tour experts, where you can visit historical attractions, see beautiful scenery, and eat at famous restaurants.

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