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Blackest provides customers with a top-of-the-line sedan and luxury van for protocol services. All vehicles are less than two years old and basically have a variety of services, including Wi-Fi and bottled water.

Optimized services for business individuals or travel

Blackest offers vehicles and services for hundreds of passengers participating in tourism, parties and corporate events. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, regardless of weather, and offers customized services optimized for personal or business.

  • 300+vehicles

Why Blackest?

Brand of Blackest, a vehicle service of MarsGlobal Co., Ltd., and provides customized services to meet customers’ needs based on strict management, driver training, and guaranteed protocol limousine services.

Variety of models

There are sedans, minivans, and buses, and there are various detailed models underneath. Customers can choose from many options, including the vehicle color and interior design they want.

Trusted Services

Based on Blackest’s strict management, driver training, and guaranteed protocol limousine service, we provide customized services to meet the needs of our customers.

Quick response

Provide dispatch information quickly and accurately to customers or representatives who have applied for the service, check flight names in real-time upon request, and welcome customers with a nameboard.

Experience and professional drivers

Blackest’s protocol driver is the most important part of our business. We spend more time hiring the best drivers. Because our customers deserve and expect excellence. Our drivers have a lot of driving experience and are the best in the field.

  • Service
  • Safe
  • Free Wifi

A language proficient professional driver

Fluent driver in language

We assign drivers who can communicate in English, Chinese, and Japanese when requested, and provide schedules from pickup to drop.

Seoul City Tour

We offer customized private tours only for our customers. Go by car, professional drivers and professional tour guides will accompany you on your trip. From tours of Seoul’s historic attractions to DMZ, Nami Island, and local tours. Ensure that the customer’s time is cherished.


  • Brittany Clark
    Video director

    Thank you for supporting our company’s event. I had a lot of fun with the staff! The team is very professional and takes care of customers. I will definitely recommend this company to other customers

  • Heather Anderson

    The perfect driver and well-managed vehicle helped me with reduce stress. Thank you for checking my schedule every time I visit Korea.

  • Jennth Norz
    Business Traveler

    The long flight from America to Seoul was so hard. I arrived very comfortably from Incheon Airport to the hotel by a good car. I highly recommend this company.

  • Frances Hill

    I visited Korea for the first time. Our company was looking for a protocol vehicle and proceeded with our schedule at Blackest. We proceeded the schedule perfectly as expected and finished the schedule without any problems. It was the best service.!

  • George Brown

    There was an invitation lecture at Kyunghee University. There were many things to review before the lecture, so I would always go and review the materials. Thanks to the good car and the good driver, it was comfortable and fun on the way.


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